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Choosing a web designer can be difficult when you are not sure what you want or how to have it designed and developed. That is why these tips from Mostlytasks have been put together to help you get started:

  1. Go by recommendation. Make sure you can find out about their previous work and also if you can ask around for good web design companies. Good web design companies will also have testimonials from satisfied clients, where you can view their range of work and expertise. Get a recommendation and speak to the designer first.
  2. Decide as much of what you want your website to say and how you want it to look, so that you can then speak with a prospective web designer.
  3. If possible choose your own domain and purchase it yourself, and assure yourself that you have reliable web hosting for your websites files and content. Some web designers will help you with both of these. Be in control of your domain and where possible your hosting.
  4. Ask for a written agreement and also a plan of work, that includes staged payments for completing the work. Get a written agreement and try and do part payments.
  5. Ask for some mocked up examples of the website that will be created for you. This will allow you to discuss the look and content of your website and avoid changes later on and the prospect of having to spend more money. Get examples of your website.
  6. Remember you are the client/customer and make sure you manage the design of your website.

These are just some basic tips, and a good web design company such as Mostlytasks and other web design companies will operate using these basic starting points.


p.s. In the past year Mostlyasks have helped three business to rescue their website from so called “web designers” who were either trying to charge them more for poorly built websites, and also to redesign what were now “broken” sites, when in fact all they needed was updating and some TLC and basic maintenance. The scariest was one business who hired an anonymous “designer” off of a trading directory only to discover they had lost all control of their domain and hosting and were now stuck with that web company.

screen shot of web page Portfolio Mostlytasks